Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ian Ziering is a WIN

So, hypothetically speaking of course, let's say there was a girl who had hopes and dreams of moving to LA and working in the entertainment industry (keep in mind, this is all hypothetical). Now, this girl doesn't really know a whole lot about that stuff, so she's at a loss as to how to get a job there. One day she had an epiphany and decided to hit up the handful of celebrities she knew well enough to be friends with on Facebook and that would remember her (one is even in her phone) and see if they had any advice or suggestions. On a whim, she also sent the message to Ian Ziering (another FB friend, although she'd never actually met him), not really thinking he'd answer, but figuring it couldn't hurt to ask, right? To her surprise, the first one to respond was none other than Ian with a few helpful tips and a good luck message! Ian Ziering, people! Steve Sanders himself! This makes Ian a total WIN in my book.

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