Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bless Her Heart

The other night I caught the premiere episode of Romantically Challenged starring Alyssa Milano. Now, ABC has been doing pretty well this year in the sitcom arena (the Kelsey Grammar show notwithstanding), so I was excited to give it a shot. Um. Let's see. How can I say this in a nice way???? OK, there's just not a way to do it - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ALYSSA MILANO?!?!?! Yes, she's beautiful; yes, she's charming; yes, she's funny - but only because the entire show was spent making ridiculous faces. Has she ever been able to act? Were we fooled on Who's The Boss because she was young and didn't know any better? Was she always terrible?Now, you know I only wish good things for Miss Milano - I mean, we're practically BFFs (obviously) - but, I fear for her. The rest of the cast was enough to keep me entertained, but Alyssa....she's going to need to bone up on her acting chops if she wants this show to get off the air. And why is she eating his face? Is he really that delicious? If it doesn't improve, I'm going to have to call Mona to show Alyssa who's really the boss (waaa waaa).

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