Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank Goodness for Fast Forward

Thank goodness my DVD player can fast forward because I watched a few horrid movies over the past few days. Don't you hate it when a movie is so terrible that you want to cut out your eyes, but because you've watched half of it you need to see how it ends? That's when fast forward and closed captions (so you can still see what they're saying as you fast forward) are my friend. The first disaster was Bangkok Dangerous. Why I thought watching my boyfriend Nic Cage with black hair towering over a cast of Asians is beyond me. Whoever made the trailer was a genius because it did actually look decent when I watched that. I was wrong. Now, in retrospect, the next movie title should've tipped me off - Midnight Meat Train couldn't possibly be something I'd enjoy. In fact, I have no idea why it was in my queue (although it could've been the Netflix gremlins again). Well, it did have Bradley Cooper which was the ONLY saving grace to the whole thing. What concerns me is that this wasn't his first film or even a breakout role. It was filmed in 2008 - which is after Wedding Crashers. Oh, Bradley. Bless your heart. Perhaps you weren't aware that being covered in blood for two hours was a good idea? The whole thing was so ridiculous that I was laughing when someone was hit with a meat cleaver and their eyes popped out of their head. Awful awful awful. Hmmm. I wonder why I couldn't sleep?

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