Tuesday, August 5, 2008

People Watching = Pure Joy

I know I've said it before, but there's nothing quite as fun as people watching - especially at an outdoor concert. Here's a sprinkling of what the cat drug in last night. Really? Camouflage shorts? Honey, you're 100. Let's try dressing a tad bit more appropriately in the future. I know you're at an outdoor concert and therefore might fancy yourself to be young, hip, and spry, but you'd be wrong. Those shorts are a world of NO.This couple was both fascinating and completely annoying. He was the thorn in my dad's side for most of the concert, as apparently his seat sitting was blocking my dad's view. I was completely entertained by his wife, as she kept singing every song (to him, mind you) and he looked completely uninterested. Finally she scooted over next to him and then they would sway back and forth. By the end of the show they needed to get a room. Stat. If you added up the ages of this foursome, they'd probably be the same age as James Taylor. Did they even know who he was? I decided they just bought the tickets as a diversion method to get out of their houses and fondle each other on the grass.

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