Sunday, August 31, 2008

Policitally Ignorant

My mind is full of a bunch of random, trivial information. For example, if you'd like me to name any of the past winners and runners up from "The Bachelor," I'm your girl. If you were wondering the name of some celebrity's child (or even their bastard, hidden child), I can probably name it in two seconds flat. If you were wondering the history of "Days of our Lives" and who's married to who, call the Pink. However, if you'd like to engage in any sort of intelligent political discussion, keep on walking.
I've never been into politics and I don't plan to start now. Everyone seems all fired up about the election and that's fantastic, but it's still not going to get me to dust off the old library card and start researching the issues. I just don't care that much. No, it's not apathy, per se, I just have lots of other things I'd rather spend my time thinking about. Much like my anti-Olympic stand, I fear I'm going to be called anti-American, but there it is.

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