Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wet and Wild Walk

I think something was wrong with the sprinklers at the park yesterday because they kept coming on all over the place - just when you thought you were safe, they'd come on again. But I have to say it was super fun, not only because it was hot and the cool water felt nice, but because there's just something about sprinklers that makes you smile. Call it a throwback to childhood, but sprinklers always bring a smile to my face (well, unless I'm all gussied up or holding my beloved iPhone in my hand, then I might not be so keen on the water). Did I just say gussied up? Oh goodness, I am 100. Every time I got hit by the water yesterday, I'd just start giggling. It reminded me of being young and loving water of any size, shape, or form - especially the infamous slip-n-slide (which always seemed better in theory than practice, but what do I know?). Speaking of the slip-n-slide, have you seen the stuff they've come out with now? Towering fountains of water all in your backyard! Much better than a sheet of plastic you always got stuck on. Why was that? It made such a terrible sound.

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