Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cindy Ree's with McFamily and The Shirt

Last night I met up with McFamily (McB, McH, and McP) for a lovely dinner at Cindy Ree's. Of course McB made sure to wear The Shirt (should The Shirt have its own Facebook page, perhaps?). He never ceases to disappoint, although now he claims he's wearing it to prove a point. Yeah, whatever gets you through the night. We all know you just live in The Shirt. I had to take a pic of McB and McP because he's even trying to turn his precious princess into a polo shirt maniac. At least her polo insignia was in pink! :) McB thinks he looks like a serial killer in the picture on the right. I think perhaps it's just The Shirt, as only serial killers constantly wear the same thing every day of their lives. Tee hee hee.
Yum. We love Cindy Ree's, even if it is located on Freak Row in SLC. My goodness there were some, ahem, interesting people outside the restaurant window. They must walk to Main Street directly after loitering at Liberty Park. I had no idea we were going to dinner AND a show. :)

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