Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drama Loving

So, my Facebook obsession has found some interesting tidbits of information. Aside from finding wedding albums and pictures of my now married ex-boyfriends, I found profiles for two of the most, um, socially awkward / socially challenged (what's a good way to put that without calling them nerds outright?) guys from Junior High. Of course I had to call my friend Kat and tell her all about it, because that's the drama-loving type of girl I am (but she was equally intrigued, so it was OK). Here's what I found most intriguing about their discoveries: not only are they wildly successful and good looking now, but they're both also gay. Wait. Did I just say they were good looking? Of course I did, because they're also gay (and, as you know, the two go hand in hand for me). I don't know why I think that's interesting or surprising, but it was. Actually, both of them being attractive was even more surprising. How long have I been out of Junior High? I have no idea why any of this matters in my day-to-day life.

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