Friday, August 29, 2008

McP and the Pink (Eye, that is)

This might come as a surprise to most of you, but there's actually something pink in the world that I hate getting: the dreaded pink eye. Blurgh. No fun at all! Poor little McP got pink eye at daycare yesterday and so our Cindy Ree's dinner got postponed while we took her to the doctor (McH was working, so me, McB, McP, and, of course, the Red Shirt went). I love this picture of McP because it looks like she's saying, "What's all the fuss about? It's just a little pink eye. Sheesh!" The doctor put a sticker on a stick and it was the greatest thing ever - you'd think it was the most expensive toy on the block (well, it kind of was - $20 co-pay for a stick? Guess she got something out of it). :) While we were at Wal-mart, we found an eye patch for $1.96 and decided it would be hysterical to just randomly wear it around. Imagine all the possibilities for pictures. :) McH came to meet us for dinner and we all modeled the lovely eye patch - ahoy, matey, we're just a bunch of McPirates in Cindy Ree's (it seems as though those things wouldn't go together and yet they provided everlasting amusement). There's actually another smiley picture of McH, but once I downloaded them, this looked more appropriate (hopefully she doesn't totally hate it).


BCassFam said...

Na I jsut look like a mental patient.

BeatlesDiva said...

In the words of Paris Hilton..."That's hot."

Anonymous said...

And you didn't even notice your subtle plug for WalMart and the price point for the patch. Just $1.96 at Wal Mart.