Friday, August 29, 2008

Lessons Learned

My favorite scripture (and kind of my outlook on life, if you will) is: "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." There have been so many times when things have happened in my life that I didn't understand, only to find out later that it all made sense. But it's hard to see that when you're right in the middle of a trauma or heartache and really upset. Almost a year ago I was completely beside myself about Triangle - at that point, I couldn't imagine ever being as broken up as I was then (funny how your memory works, huh?). I actually had to call up my family and old friends and ask them when I'd had a worse break-up because I couldn't remember. My mind had gone blank of every previous heartache and all I could see was my current broken heart. Everyone assured me there'd been worse AND my heart would heal. Sadly, I was so in the depths of despair that I didn't believe them. No one could convince me I would ever recover and move on.
It's interesting to me to be sitting here almost a year later and have Triangle not really affect me. Oh, sure, I was upset when he got engaged, but I recently looked at his engagement pictures (on Facebook, of course - where else?) and they didn't bother me. At all. He looked happy, they seemed well suited for each other, and somehow my heart let him go. Just like that. Now, considering I never get over anyone (what?!!? I'm completely shocked by that!), this was huge. And, I can look back and see what being with him taught me, what I was meant to learn from our brief relationship, and be grateful for our time together. Yes, that's right, I said grateful. Not bitter. Not enraged. Not confused. Grateful and happy.
So, I'm trying to apply the same logic (who, me? Logical?) to my other relationships - new, old, or ongoing. What was I meant to learn? How can we best help each other? This way, perhaps I can realize that every person I meet isn't my TLF and meant to be with forever. Perhaps my little heart will stop hoarding people, places, and memories and give me a moment of peace? I'm not sure, but I'd like to think it's possible. If it could happen with Triangle, it can happen with anyone, right?

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