Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Want a Cool Hook

As I was driving into work today a man walked across the street with one of his arms being a stub. Now, I'm not trying to be disrespectful by any means, but it did get me thinking. If I was missing half my arm, I wouldn't flaunt it around by its little stub. No way. I'd definitely need some sort of hook, like a pirate. Or, perhaps I could design something in the way of a Hello Kitty head on the end of my arm? That would rule. :)

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denedu said...

I just read that to David and he said that he'd have a chainsaw instead of a stub or hook. That just shows how much of a fan he is of "Evil Dead." haha I think I'd design some sort of animatronic arm with skin that I can change when I want. Then I could have any type of skin color or design on my arm. Like, one day I could have a ton of tattoos on it...and the next have it a pretty shade of pink with little Hello Kitty all over it...or maybe a big Sailor Moon. That would be cool! hahaha :D