Thursday, August 28, 2008

Once Upon a Time I Had the MJ Love

Long ago and far away, my sister and I were HUGE fans of Michael Jackson. Well, come on - at some point, weren't we all? Remember the "Thriller" days? He. Was. Huge. There was nothing greater than Michael Jackson and we showed our love with a huge poster on the wall of our shared bedroom. In fact, Paul McCartney (an actual BEATLE!!!!) and MJ filmed their vAdd Imageideo for "Say Say Say" in a town close to us and we *almost* convinced our mom to take us. That would have ruled. Still, we watched every version of the "Thriller" video, sang along to all the lyrics of every song, and thought he was cooler than sliced bread. I bring up my MJ love (which, sadly, was replaced by love for non-freaky entities long ago) only because I came across this picture on the right today. Um, are you kidding me? What alien breed captured the MJ of long ago and replaced him with this sad, tranny-looking washed up version of himself? And is he wearing a dress (or at least a skirt?). The picture on the left is a digitally enhanced photo of what he SHOULD look like (should being the operative word). Wow. MJ, you should be ashamed of yourself. You freak.

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