Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Can I Shamelessly Flirt With?

Today's just one of those days. I feel grumpy and don't want to be around others. Plus, I need someone to pay attention to me and make me feel cute. The absence of 28 and Biter (or anyone interesting, actually) is making me feel terribly vulnerable and alone. The fact that all of my friends are pushing out children or getting knocked up isn't helping. I'm starting to feel like I will actually die a lonely, barren, childless spinster. Wow, nothing like a little bit of drama to start off one's week. Perhaps it's just the Monday/PMS blues? Who knows?

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BCassFam said...

You are the best blogger ever. I am sorry you are having a bad day. PMS. I know. You will not die childless. Let me know who you find to flirt with. I am headed home to clean for a loser to look at our condo and not buy it. Oh joy.