Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facebook, Facebook, How I Love You So

In the past week (or should I say Facebook Obsessed Week?), I've found my big, huge crush from sixth grade (that I met at Science Camp and he moved away shortly thereafter) who I had on a keychain which said, "I heart and then his picture" (how cool was I?), a friend from kindergarten, my good friend from Junior High who moved away in eighth grade, and every other person I've ever met or known. OK, that last part was a *slight* exaggeration, but you get my point. I've even converted some new FB followers!!! :) My mission to convert the world is almost complete. :)

Of course, when people ask me what the big deal is, or why I love it so much more than myspace (or anything, for that matter), I can't really put it into words. How do you describe true love?

Bretty & Jimmy - you're up next! :)


denedu said...

I, too, am obsessed with Facebook. My morning ritual consists of me getting up and showered, getting Jerdon to school, the other critters feed and dressed for the day and then I hop my big behind on my computer and go straight to Facebook. I then proceed to Myspace and my blog, but the majority of my online time is spent at Facebook. I love it! Oh...and we'll be in SLC/Park City the weekend of Sept. 6th. We are celebrating Kai's birthday waaaaaaaaaaaaay early, 'cause he always wants to go do things (like go to the zoo, etc.) for his birthday in Feb., but it's always snowing and freezing then. Anywhoooooooo...we won't be going to the reunion. We'll be at the zoo and then on the alpine coaster. That thing is so much fun!!! hahaha We should meet up so I can get my Hello Kittys to you. :)

denedu said...

I forgot to mention that the reunion is just basically a get together for all who have ever lived in the Lompoc or Santa Maria stakes. David Biddison's mom and a few others are usually the ones that put it on. They usually have it down near Provo at a park, which for us would be a long long day with the kids in the car, etc. So, we have yet to make it to one. hahahaha

Christi said...

One day when I have some time I will begin my Facebook addiction. But for now I have 2 blog addictions that are consuming all my time! Love the letter to Jessica S. & MJ obsession posts. I had the MJ poster along with Ralph Machio (sp? ya know.. The Outsiders) HOT!