Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tagging is for Chumps

Perhaps my title is mis-leading, because I actually love being tagged on Facebook. I think it's the coolest thing ever, which is why I derive neverending joy out of uploading pics (especially old, random pics) and tagging long lost friends in them. So, imagine my surprise to receive a message on Facebook from an old friend asking if the pics I'd tagged were visible to her "new friends." She asked because, although she *loves* (she says, not convincingly) to see the old pictures, she'd prefer that her "new friends" (her words, that b*tch) not see her past. Um, are you serious? I tersely responded that if she didn't want the tags, then she could just remove them, which she did. But, I must admit that the entire transaction pissed me off. First of all, who are you that you're so cool to not want to be reminded of your past? Second of all, I should just remove EVERY photo of her (or maybe just "X" out her face? That would rule). Finally, she's already removed herself from any activity with her "old friends" - this just seemed extra mean and spiteful to me. Sorry I haven't been in contact for over a year, but, hey, could you remove all those pics of me? I think she and I are breaking up for sure.

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Elizabeth said...

I feel I must post a comment...I have been reading your blog now for a few weeks. My husband used to work with Brian, and we read their blog, and it led me to yours. Anyway, you are hilarious!!! I love your humor and you certainly keep up an amazingly witty, sarcastic, and hysterical blog. I have laughed at times to near tears. I especially loved your "Gay Boyfriend" post and ended up singing it all day. Thanks for keeping me entertained in cyberspace.