Friday, August 15, 2008

And the Quest to be a Better Me Continues

I seem to have plateaud (is that how you spell that? It doesn't look right) in my weight loss. I'm still eating my Lean Cuisines and walking/blading, but it's like my body is rebelling. I'm not sure how to trigger the pounds from falling off again. You'd think people complimenting me might spark up some inspiration, but mainly it's just people saying something looks different and they're not sure what. I suppose I should just keep perservering and doing my best - that's all I can do, right? At least I know that I'm able to maintain a set weight. Plus, I've found an exercise routine that I really enjoy and I've been able to continue doing it for several months now. Score!

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plainoldsarah said...

after getting a lot of "have you lost weight?" i've decided the best thing to say to a person is "you look really good." that way if they've cut their hair, bought a new outfit, or lost weight, or gained it (heaven forbid) then they can decide in their head what it is that makes them look good and then there's no inner fat person hurt feelings - or whatever.

by the way - where is your story people love? i'm watching for it!