Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mixed Tapes = Love

I remember the first time I found out that you could call up a radio station and request a song. We immediately called and had them play, "Eye of the Tiger" (and of course waited around all day until they played it). Imagine my delight to discover you could actually dedicate a song to someone on the radio - it was like heaven on earth. Of course, at that time, to publicly declare your true love for someone, all you had to do was dedicate Madonna's "Crazy for You." Yeah, it didn't take much to make us happy (those were the days!). Sadly, no one ever dedicated a song to me (much like Romper Room never said my name at the end....)...but I digress.
The next logical step in the musical evolution of expressing your love was the infamous and beloved mixed tape. I wish I'd kept every tape I ever made or received because they truly are timeless and wonderful expressions of oneself. What could be better than receiving a mixed tape in the mail? Nothing. I repeat, nothing, stands the test of time like showing your love on a mixed tape. I still make them today (granted, they're now CD's, but you get the point).
My friend Jeff found this awesome website where people share stories about the mixed tapes they've made or received. How fun! I wish I'd come up with that idea. It's perfect! To visit it, go to:


denedu said...

I still have one of my mixed tapes that has me on the radio winning tickets to disneyland. hahaha Ahhhhhh...good times. :)

BCassFam said...

You are such a 80's girl.

BeatlesDiva said...

I remember give mixed tapes to my friends and they loved them. It showed that you gave up some time and thought about what they'd like to hear.