Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm a Rollerblader Now

Yesterday was a successful foray into rollerblading. I didn't fall, I didn't need help getting down from the sidewalk, and I'm even able to walk today. Wahoo! Perhaps I'm not as close to 100 as I'd originally thought. Oh wait, I did post about making the blanket, huh? There goes that plan. I think adding rollerblading to my walk is really going to kick things up a notch. Already I can feel my heart rate accelerated. Yay, me. The park really is such a beautiful place. Check out these pics I took with my iPhone (yes, I was walking and texting - I was that girl). Of course, there's not always happy sights to be seen:But I did snap a picture of the skeevy skeev in his truck (the one trying to lure children away with candy). Why does he always pop his hood? I don't get it. He also kicks off his shoes in a jaunty way. I should start looking at "Wanted" posters in the post office. I'm sure his mug shot must be up there (he was bending over when I took the pic, so sadly you can't see his pervy face). Perhaps I'll forward my picture to "America's Most Wanted." They must be searching for him.

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