Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekly Mandate

This comic perfectly expresses everything I'm feeling about love, life, and dating right now. Seriously. What on earth is wrong with people? Last night I was hanging out with one of the, um, band members (who I won't reveal because I'm not the type of girl to kiss and tell....OK, well, maybe I am, but I won't) and who starts texting me? Yep, 28. Here's our conversation: 28: What's up? Pinky: Not much, what's up with you? 28: Nothing. (Insert pause in conversation. I wonder why he's texting me at 1 a.m. for no apparent reason) Pinky: Did you want to hang out? 28: Eh, my head hurts. (Again, really? Why are you texting at 1 a.m.?) What is that about? Of course Biter called me last weekend when I was in California. Did he install some lowjack on me that tells him when I'm out of town? What's up with that? Then, I got a text from the "great response guy" (who I went out with a few weeks ago) that said, "Taking a break from dating right now to heal." Really? The problem with this text is that he'd placed an ad online the night before. As I recognized his writing style, I responded to the ad from another email (I know, totally deceptive, but I wanted to see if it was him) and he wrote me this flirty email back (not knowing it was me). So, getting a text saying he was taking a break from dating while simultaneously seeking out new dates seemed a little ruthless to me. At least he could be honest. I mean, do what you want, but why lie? What's the point? No skin off my back. Perhaps I just need to take a break. I don't understand men and they obviously don't understand me. Yep, I give up. I'll put a sign on my heart that says, "All filled up. No new openings. If interested, please put your name on the waiting list and maybe we'll get back to you in time." Sounds like a great plan to me.

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