Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paging the Fashion Police - We Have an Emergency

Dear Fashion Police,
I fear my friend McB is in serious need of your help. Pretty soon we might need to have a blog intervention. You see, he's become fairly obsessed with one particular shirt in his wardrobe and it's beginning to be a cause for concern. May I present the following evidence (and it should be noted that all of these pics were taken on different days):

While I understand loving something and wanting to wear it often, the fact that he wore it to a wedding the other day triggered the red flag in my mind for needing an intervention. I understand he's got a blue version of this shirt, as well, but, sadly, it doesn't see the light of day nearly as much. Can you please help my friend McB before the red shirt becomes permanently affixed to his body? Thanks for your help!!!


A concerned citizen

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