Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not Another One

That's it, I'm officially cursed. Not one, but two more of my exes have become engaged and/or married. And get this - one of them got married six days after our last date. Um, hi. Could he not have told me he was about to get hitched? I understand having a last hoorah fling, but really? Six days? Perhaps I should start charging - I could have a whole dating service where you're guaranteed to meet the love of your life provided you go out with me first. Blurgh. I really need to get better at applying this saying to my life, because it does ring true. However, when all I see is the backs of people I care about as they run away screaming (OK, they're not really screaming, but for dramatic purposes, let's pretend they are), it's hard to be positive sometimes. Oh, crap. Wasn't I on a positive kick today? So much for that idea.

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BeatlesDiva said...

Man! That blows goats. Relationships suck so that's why I've given them up for the past 3 years. The stress isn't there anymore...imagine that.

I hope you're doing well and eventually things will start to look up in the dating pool.

luvs and hugs!