Monday, August 4, 2008

As Seen on Neverending Drive

So, I rolled in pretty close to one in the morning. UGH. It was pretty brutal. Totally worth it, but brutal nonetheless. I stopped in Cedar City to have dinner with my dad and probably should've just stayed there. However, I'm so sick of "flexing" my time at work, I couldn't even imagine doing it again this week and just wanted to get to work and be outta here in eight hours. Needless to say, I'm dragging eyes are barely open. My dad is actually coming up tonight and we're going to see James Taylor in concert - should be fun!
I found a bunch of random signs on my drive. Now, they may have been funnier to me due to my extreme exhaustion, but I still took pictures to share.
OK, when I saw this on a door, I totally thought it said Free Cheese Curd (which made me throw up a little in my mouth). Here's a question: how can cheese ever be considered fresh??Now, while my Jack in the Box love is deep and true, I cannot get on board with this. Fried macaroni and cheese? Heck no. Don't get me wrong - I TLF mac-n-cheese, but putting my delicious yellow goodness in a deep fryer prior to consumption? Um, no. I'll pass.I don't know about you, but when I think of going to a boutique, I don't immediately think of condoms, tampons, and aspirin. But, maybe it's just me.I was completely mesmerized by these signs (obviously) found in Baker, CA. Alien Fresh Jerky? What would Alien Jerky be anyway? And what makes it fresh? My favorite part of the sign has to be the little alien hanging out underneath.

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