Saturday, August 9, 2008

Always Something There to Remind Me

A few more thoughts about Naked Eyes and my true love for them. First of all, I was surprised that they started their set with their most famous song, "Always Something There to Remind Me." I thought that was quite a bold move. But, as the keyboardist explained to me, the thought process behind it was that people don't know how they know Naked Eyes, they only know that they think they might. So, by starting off with something popular, it gets people pumped up. The only problem? Being a tad bit late for the show and missing their greatest song. My next thought about them was that my love for "Always Something There to Remind Me" is firmly founded on the line in the song that says, "I was born to love her and I will never be free, she'll always be a part of me." Of course, now that I see the words in writing, I can see that perhaps I've held them to be a little too true. Finally, they have so many amazing songs, I wish their set had been longer than six or seven songs long. I'd love to see an entire show. They do have a new record, though (did I just say record?), so I should definitely check it out to get my fix.

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