Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Hate Thursday

Hello and welcome to Things I Hate Thursday. 1) Stupid commercials that make me want to stab out my eyes. Topping the list? The annoying Super Modelquins in the Gap Ads. I hate them and think they are so stupid I want to light them all on fire. Second on the list? The Boost Mobile commercial with the pig saying he enjoys a nice ham. Ick! It gives me the willies. 2) Poor decisions from ABC. Seriously, cancelling the wondrous and magical Pushing Daisies in favor of Kelsey Grammar's insufferable sitcom? FAIL.
3. The Loud Mouthed Girl If I have to hear more bit of useless information about her life, I might put a gun to my head.


Tracie said...

I appreciate the shout out to "Pushing Daisies". My fave show, and I miss it so much. ABC's programmers should be fired.

Heidi said...

I HATE those damn Old Navy commercials. HATE HATE HATE!!! If I didnt alreasy not shop there because everything falls apart, I would deffinatly quit shopping there in protest.