Monday, October 12, 2009

They Must Fade Soon, Right?

The purpose of this comic isn't so much that an actual person is there when I wake up, but there are definitely remnants of past people still on my mind. I wonder when all of that goes away? I'm ready for everything to be cleared out of this suitcase mind of mine anytime now. Why must I cart everything around all the time? It's time for some spring cleaning (yes, I realize it's not technically Spring...but you get my point). The thing is - it doesn't matter how much of a jerk someone was; I miss them all the same. Yes, I can acknowledge they were awful and don't deserve my tears, but the fact remains that their absence leaves a hole in my heart. Even if it's just a little one, it's still there and I feel it all the time. I'm sad. Perhaps it was easier with AFMF because people were at least sympathetic and said I'd feel better in time. With M, everyone's so mad at him that they dismiss him and any feelings I might've had right away as being stupid because he was a jerk. I know they're just trying to help (and I agree he was a putz), but it still helps to have your feelings validated. It hasn't even been two weeks and yet it feels like people would prefer that I'd forgotten his existence five minutes after we broke up. Unfortunately, it's not that easy for me. I'm a sensitive soul. How do I turn this all off?

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