Thursday, October 15, 2009

Party Like It's The Weekend

Last night I dragged my good friend Jamie out with me to see M's band play. I know, I know, it was against my better judgment, but I figured as long as I had a chaperone I'd be fine. Plus, it was good closure for me to see M in his natural element being a total and complete tool (just in case I had any doubt about that before). Despite M's jerky ways (which may have cured me once and for all of the needless M blues), Jamie and I had a really good time. We both went into the night saying we wouldn't stay long (since the band didn't even start until after 10:30), but ended up watching the whole set and then venturing off to another bar after it was over. I love Jamie - we always have a blast. We used to be attached at the hip - in fact, he reminded me that when we first started hanging out years and years ago, I made him get a cell phone so I could always have access to him. Funny. I don't even remember that. Man, I must be a demanding friend! :)

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