Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's Dear Diary Edition of Celebrity Wrap Up. Dear Diary: Today I actually wore clothes, much to the dismay of my female fans. I totally rocked a headband, though. I looked awesome, diary. Yo, peace out. -Matthew
Dear Diary: Today I wore a dress from the K-Mart Jaclyn Smith clothing line. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, diary. I need everyone to still think I'm fabulous. Love, EvaDear Diary: Today I had to pose in a family photo shoot for People magazine. I looked super cute (isn't my smile amazing?), but I can't believe my parents showed my underwear off for the whole world to see. Don't they know they're possibly scarring me for life? Flashing my crotch area should only be done when I'm much, much older. I'll ask Auntie Paris about it. Love, HarlowDear Diary: Tonight I wore a stunning shiny gold dress which matched my luxurious blonde tresses. I was incredible, diary. No one is going to have anything negative to say about me (finally!). Love, LindsayDear Diary: I don't know why everyone keeps looking at me funny. So what if I let a three-year-old child trim my bangs? I'm still a serious and fabulous actress. Love, Emily

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