Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jason + Molly Sitting in a Tree

The big news on today? Apparently Jason and Molly are FINALLY engaged - hooray! Does that mean we'll have another happy Bachelor couple to give Trista and Ryan (and that other couple - their names elude me...oh, and Byron and Mary? Are they still together?) a run for their money? Will they now be on every single After the Final Rose to profess their eternal happiness and love? When they have a baby, will it be plastered all over every magazine on earth? I realize I'm sounding bitter and jaded, but come on. This show has teased us long enough. After DeAnna and Jesse went belly up I completely lost my faith in the show. Sure, I'll still watch (and re-cap each episode faithfully...I do have loyal readers to please), but I just won't be hopeful. That's fair, right? Kinda like life.

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