Thursday, October 22, 2009

The End Has Come

My dear friends, I'm afraid I have terrible, awful, no good, very bad news. Pinky Lovejoy is (wait for it....) losing her hair. Now, it should come as no surprise that anyone who's colored her hair every color of the rainbow and inflicted numerous pain and injury to her beautiful locks since the age of 12 would suffer at least some sort of consequence. But, really? Bald? I noticed a little spot last year where I used to part my hair. Being a spry little minx, I changed my part to cover up the atrocity which is my balding spot. However, I fear that's not even going to work anymore. There's a serious patch of my hair gone (!). Sure, sure, you're not going to notice it unless you know where it is and REALLY look, but that's not the point. I've been afflicted by Female Pattern Baldness and I'm horrified. Pretty soon I fear I'm going to look like this pretty girl to the left. I better start investing in some wigs or order some Rogaine STAT.

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