Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blanket Making Machine

Today was uneventful except for a few minor things. First, I finished yet another blanket - I'm just cranking them out right now. I'm a blanket making machine! I'm not sure if you can gauge its full beauty in this picture, but it just might be my masterpiece. It was fun to make a baby blanket for a girl since all my friends have been having boys lately. I made it extra pink. Second of all, and actually far more exciting than the blanket, I talked to Filip in Italy this morning (!). Last night's picture treat encouraged me to try his old cell phone number and to my surprise it still worked. It was so much fun to reconnect and now that he has an iPhone we can even email each other. Hooray! Now we'll actually be able to stay in touch much better (and he's wanting to come visit the US next year....we'll see). After we spoke I was walking on air all day. The only downside is that I didn't check the international rates before I made the call and now might be selling oranges on the freeway to pay for it. Blurgh. Oh well, it was worth it. While we were talking he was still at work and said he was losing money by not paying attention to his customers, but he told me it was worth it. :) At least we both know what's more important, right? :) Is today Daylight Savings? I can never remember. I hope it is. I want to hurry up and Fall Back!

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