Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Musings

It's been a long week. To make up for my illness on Monday I've been flexing time at work and doing ten-hour days. Ugh. I can barely stand eight hours at a time, so ten has been a real challenge. I'm excited to sleep in tomorrow. So, as I'm practically brain dead, I've got a few random musings:
Why do people brush their teeth in public (read: at work) after every meal? I realize it might be extremely good hygiene, but I just find it annoying. It makes me want to punch them in the face and possibly bust up their precious overly clean teeth.
There's a girl at work who married a guy I had a crush on and is now preggers. Every time she walks by me with her big, pregnant stomach, my brain screams out, "LUCKY BITCH!" Good thing she can't hear me. I might scare the baby (and, no, I don't know why I had to find the most bizarre pregnant belly shot ever. It's probably due to my insane jealousy).
If you call a number and find out it's the wrong number, why would you continue to call back? I've got some guy who keeps calling - I can't remember the name he keeps asking for, but it certainly isn't mine. He's in Arizona to boot. Why call a long distance number over and over? Take a hint!
Finally, big congratulations are going out to Shmegan who finally popped yesterday and gave birth to Owen Carlton - he's the spitting image of Henry (I'm starting to think she actually just cloned him and wore a fake pillow around this whole time to throw us off). :) Love ya!

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