Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda Wednesday Edition

As you may or may not recall, I met Ben Foster during my first Festival and had a great talk with him. Because of that, I was stoked to see him years later, sobered up, successful, and on a totally different wavelength than he was when we first met. I ran into him at Sundance coming out of a restaurant when he was dating Ellen Page (they were both in X-Men). While Ben and I hugged, took a picture, and talked, Ellen glared at me like I was trying to hone in on her man. At the time, I recognized her as being in a movie, but this was long before Juno, Smart People, or Whip It, so I didn't get her picture. She was glaring at me! How could I ask for a picture? Now, of course, I'm kicking myself, as she was RIGHT THERE and I missed my chance. Boo.

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