Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snow Snow, Go Away

I don't care how long I live here, I'm never going to get used to snow. California girls + snow = misery. We're just not built for snow. Perhaps if I skied or enjoyed freezing to death I might like it more....but nope. I'd prefer to have my 70 degrees all-year-long again, please. I suppose I should be happy that we're only now getting our first snow and that the summer wasn't too terribly hot, but no. I think I'll focus on hating the cold. Dreaded snow. Blurgh. The funny thing is that I knew it was going to snow. No, not from the news, but from the way I get all my important information - from Facebook status updates. Everyone was talking about the impending snow, but I disregarded it because I wanted to pretend they were all wrong. No snow, please. To show you just how much I was sticking to that idea, take a gander at the shoes I wore today. Yep, not very practical for snow, are they? Hear that, Mother Nature, NO snow! Sheesh, what more does a girl have to do to turn off the cold around here?

1 comment:

Tracie said...

I can relate. I look like a total goober today wearing hiking sandals with thick socks. :)