Monday, December 8, 2008

Guess Who's Got a Big Girl Bed?

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day over at my friend Angie's house for Craft Day (which doesn't seem that different from every other day in my life, except she had a cool table to set up so it felt more productive crafting somewhere other than my couch). We tackled all kinds of projects - it was a lot of fun. Plus, she's way better on modge podge projects, as apparently modge podge (it's a type of glue) hates me and never wants to do what I say. Seriously, I'm the worst modge podger in the world. While I was there we also exchanged Christmas presents and she got me this awesome bed-in-a-bag set complete with a bedsham, sheets, and a reversible comforter! Now all I need is a headboard to make it totally grown up, but I'm impressed with how good it looks! :) Are you impressed?


plainoldsarah said...

that is really cute! great gift idea. i voted against a headboard - what would I do with it?

Angie said...

I looks really cute. I'm glad you like it.