Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Blues

I think I've got a touch of the holiday blues. I'm so emotional and hyper-sensitive lately. Perhaps it's because I feel like The Last Single Person Alive and seeing all these happy holiday families is making it worse. I know, I know, hearing me bitch about being alone is not a dream (trust me, I know...even I'm sick of myself), but I guess it'd just be nice to have someone to think about, buy presents for, dream about, hope for....well, you know what I mean. I thought I had someone special (even though I never really talk about him on here), but I guess I was wrong. Silly me. I guess I was jumping the gun and got too excited that things might be different...that my mantle might have more than one stocking hung from it this year. Sigh. I'll stop. I'm tired. Probably too exhausted and emotional for my own good. These romantic holiday comedies are NOT helping. Must. Turn. Off. The. DVD. Player.

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BeatlesDiva said...

Hey chica! We'll support each other through this holiday season. I went to Temple Square last night and I feel so out of place walking around NOT holding hands with someone.

Wanna go to T.S and hold hands :-P