Friday, December 12, 2008

e-Greetings Are Not The Same

Today I received the saddest thing I've ever seen - a picture Christmas card sent via email. Sigh. What is the world coming to? I've finally gotten to the point where I can somewhat enjoy e-cards (after years of resistance), but e-Christmas photo cards? Not a fan. How can I scrapbook an e-greeting? It's just not possible. I mean, sure, I could print it up, but that costs money (which is obviously why the sender didn't print it up to begin with). Why should I have to pay for someone else's greetings - especially when I pay way too much for my own? Ridiculous is what it is.

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denedu said...

In our poor student state I have resorted to sending out e-christmas cards. Usually I send cards in the mail to immediate family, but don't have the time and money to send them to everyone. And I feel if I just cut the list down I'll probably end up offending someone down the E-cards it is! hahaha