Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away

This is not a secret by any means, but I'm not a fan of snow. I've decided that I'm way too much of a California Girl at heart to enjoy any aspect of the cold, freezing, ice-creating, dreaded snow. This weekend they're expecting a big storm and I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. I should've gone to the store and stocked up so I wouldn't ever have to leave my house (oh wait, I'm planning to sleep forever anyway, so nevermind. Who needs to eat?). Silly people keep wishing for snow (I'm looking at you, Shmegan) and they need to knock it off. It's perfectly fine and lovely without snow, thank you very much. No snow all winter would be even better. Yeah, yeah, blah blah the environment. Whatever. Let me just pretend that all would be well in a snow free winter, OK? OK.

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