Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mean People Suck

Let's discuss mean people. I liked this comic because I *may* have been told a time or two that I can come across as mean (when I didn't really intend to be so). I think sometimes I just come off that way (but, as we all know, inside I'm made of pink gushy snowballs and rainbows). :)
So, this guy I went out with earlier this year unfriended me on Facebook. Whatever. That's fine; I mean, whatever. It's his prerogative, right? I don't have to be friends with the entire world (even if I'd like to). The mean thing is that he not only unfriended me, but he BLOCKED me so that I can't even find him in a search. Um, what? Seriously? What did I do to deserve that? I haven't even talked to him in at least six months and I definitely didn't do anything to warrant that type of behavior. It just makes me sad. Why do I even care? Why am I such a sensitive baby?

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