Sunday, December 7, 2008

Festival of Trees - Part Three

This final segment of our Festival of Trees discussion might also be called, "How Santa Scared the Crap Out of McP." The funniest part was how we were just talking about this earlier on the blog after seeing how Santa terrified my niece. Apparently, his terror is worldwide. Poor little McP was inconsolable after meeting the bearded one. At first, she seemed OK. Santa came and gave her a candy cane and all seemed right with the world. Suddenly, without any cause or explanation, she started crying uncontrollably. Perhaps she had some flashback to her picture with Santa at Macy's last year?Even her poor little face here seems to be saying, "I can STILL see him! Get that man AWAY from me!!!" Eventually she was able to forget meeting the terrifying Santa and was even able to pose with another version of him. All in all, it was a fun night - especially because the festival gave us a myriad of things to make fun of (we even saw some polygs! Now that was exciting to see actual polygamists walking around in SLC). We ended our evening at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner where I was tackled by the host. Good times.

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