Sunday, December 14, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Sunday Edition

Good morning and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Was Drew Barrymore changing the oil in her car? What else could explain all those stains on her shirt?Ashley Tisdale must have just watched The Last of the Mohicans and decided to dress accordingly. Way to stick to a theme, Ash. Not only are you sporting the dreamcatcher shirt and hideous leggings (was red part of the theme?), but the ugly moccasins really bring the ensemble home. Does Goldie Hawn ever close her mouth? Salma Hayek apparently meant to wear a black dress, but then switched it up last minute - that's the only way to explain the black undergarments. Yes, Mario, you are exactly right. Nothing makes a celebrity look less gay than posing with a tiny dog wearing reindeer ears. Beyonce's checklist before leaving her house must go something like this, "Hair lacquered beyond recognition? Check. Tacky outfit exposing my breasts? Check. Some sort of unexplained skirt or feathers or pants on my bottom half? Check. Large, tacky earrings? Check. OK, I'm ready....let's go tear this mother up."

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BCassFam said...

Pinky your celebrity updates are the best I look forward to them everyday. I would be lost without them.