Sunday, December 28, 2008

McHats are Fun

McP seems to be a big fan of my hats, but none more so than the one I wore over for Sunday Dinner tonight. She kept putting it on and posing. I think she was a little bit in love with it. I love how dramatic she was while wearing it (as opposed to the rest of the time when she's not dramatic....oh, wait. Who was I talking about?). Her Grandpa sent her this fun scarf and glove set with dogs on them. How cute is that? Oh, and the best parting gift from dinner tonight? A "real" Scrabble game (as opposed to the one I play online). Wahoo! Thanks, McFamily! The only way it could've been better would be if it looked like this. That would rule. :)

1 comment:

Kate said...

McP is just too cute! I love the pink hat pics- but the ones with the snuggly dog scarf- priceless!!