Friday, December 19, 2008

Other Fish in the Sea??

OK, so let's just get this out of the way. I realize this will come as NO surprise to anyone, but my "mancation" isn't really going so well. In fact, last night I had a first date with someone new (scary!). Do I want to get back in the pond? Of course not. Do I have any choice? Sadly, no. The person I've freely and openly given to my heart to apparently doesn't want it (insert big pink tears here), so I need to *try* to move on (try being the operative word). I don't know if I can (and not wanting to is probably going to prevent me from doing so), but we'll see. I'm sick of being angry and of trying to get someone to want to be with me or even make the time to see me. It just shouldn't be this hard, especially after this long. But I digress. As we all know, I'm terrible at first dates. Actually, I think I'm OK on the date itself, it's the end that throws me. For some reason, I think I need a grade, or a score, or at least some confirmation we're going to see each other again. Why? Why can't I just relax and trust that if we're into each other, everything will work out? Why am I the most impatient person alive? I swear, if there was such a thing, I'd definitely be considered a Special Needs Dater. Luckily, I think I didn't entirely blow it with my ridiculous behavior considering he called me when he got home to say good night and he had a nice time, so that's good, right? Right? Oh, what do I know? For all I know he's blogging about the Special Needs Girl he took to dinner last night at this exact moment. Now that would be funny! :)

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