Monday, July 18, 2016


I know what you're thinking. "Pinky! How could you? You're a grown woman. Why on earth would you become obsessed with a silly PokemonGo gaming app?" 
Well, that's an excellent question. And, honestly, it surprises me just as much as you how much I'm enjoying this game. Perhaps it's because Keith and I are doing it together, though, that makes it so much fun. We're essentially sharing an account (since Keith's phone is old and outdated and barely works with the app) and having a blast hunting Pokemon far and wide.
Even better? We walk. A lot. It's gotten us out of the house more than anything I can think of. And it's social - we love meeting other players and bonding over our love for the game.
I don't expect this love to last anything else, I'm sure this is just a fleeting infatuation with something new. But right now we're having a blast. It reminds me of a "snipe hunt" that I went on as a kid at camp - we all knew the snipes weren't real, but they sure were fun to hunt for!

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