Monday, July 18, 2016

Backyard Q&A

Several months ago, a mutual friend asked Keith to do a Q&A at his screening of Adventures in Babysitting. Now, we had no idea what to expect and honestly thought it was going to be like 10 people sitting in a living room. 
So we were quite surprised to show up and see about 50 people camped out in this guy's backyard. It was awesome!
The Q&A was a lot of fun - Keith's friend Jon Donahue did the moderating - and we even stayed to see the movie. Super fun to watch it with a crowd that already loved it.
We'd made jokes about bringing merch, but then second guessed ourselves and didn't bring it. Big mistake! Huge! Apparently they were all clamoring for merch. We totally screwed up. Next time we'll have some for sure!

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