Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pinky's Fandance - Michele Clunie + Scott Lowell

As someone who religiously watched every single episode of Queer as Folk multiple times, it was a total thrill to meet Michele Clunie and Scott Lowell the other night at the opening night of Cabaret. 
In fact, Michele was one of the last cast members I'd yet to meet. I'd met Scott once before and he was super cool. He was still cool (but I'm not sure why he's making a scared face here). There were a total of five cast members at the show together (including Randy Harrison, who they'd all come to see). I DIED to see them all together. DIED! I really wanted a picture with them all, but since one of them shot me down, I couldn't ask for the group shot to end all group shots. Oh, well. I'll live, right?

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