Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guess I'll Eat Some Worms

I'm feeling rather out of sorts lately. It seems like all of my usual "sounding boards" are mad at me for one reason or another (and if they're not, they're remarkably quiet and avoiding me), so I feel a bit alone and adrift in the world. I'm not someone who can be solitary and silent - I enjoy being social, talking on the phone a lot, being involved. I love when I know someone so well that I can finish their sentences and vice versa. I hate feeling like the world is against me. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going around purposely trying to tick people off. But, apparently I have by either speaking my mind, defending an opinion, or just having hurt feelings. A lot of things are done over text, which never turns out well because everything can be miscontrued. And then I made a stupid joke to my friend who now seems to be MIA, as well. I can't seem to win these days.
I suppose things could be worse - I could end up like this sorry lass. That couldn't possibly be real, could it?

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