Monday, March 12, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised: Footloose Remake

OK, I'll be honest - I had absolutely no interest in seeing the updated version of Footloose, as the original was fine on its own. I don't really understand all the remakes being made, but I didn't really have an opinion about this one good or bad. However, if they start remaking the John Hughes films I'm going to lose my shizz because they were perfect to begin with. Still, the pickings were slim at Redbox on Saturday, which is how Footloose ended up in our DVD player. Surprisingly, I actually liked it - and I really liked how they had a "throw back" to the original by using the original songs, but in updated versions. That was cool. Even their outfits were somewhat similar to the original. My only desire was for Kevin Bacon to have some cool cameo - wouldn't that have been amazing? Why wasn't this done? That would've brought out the original crowd just for curiosity alone to see Kevin. I think they missed a great opportunity there.

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