Thursday, March 15, 2012


Lest you think that photo collecting is all moonlight and roses, I can assure you that there are many, many times when it sucks. Too many 'graphers, too many people, too many crazed fans. Sometimes you're stuck in a barricade surrounded by the most smelly, annoying, and just all around rude people you've ever met. On the flip side, sometimes you meet the coolest people ever (for which I'm eternally grateful), but more often than not, it can be, um, challenging to say the least.Last night there were three events going on that I wanted to attend. One was for a movie where I already had pics with two of the three main cast members. One was for Mad Men - which is one of my favorite shows, but I already have pictures with the entire cast except for two people (including the one I really, really wanted - January Jones). And the third was a play opening where you pretty much just take a chance that cool people could show up. Usually I would've opted for the play because it's low-key and no barricade, but I chose wrong. I went to Mad Men. Now, at some point I realized it was a mistake and I should've just gone home, but it was too late to leave. So, I stayed on the off-chance that January would make her way down to me. Instead, I got completely and totally trampled when Jon Hamm came down the line. I'm so sore today I feel like I was hit by a car. Oh, and did I mention that the metal barricade came down ON MY FOOT?!?!? Gah. The worst part? January didn't even come near me. Fail.

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