Friday, March 30, 2012

When I Was A Girl....

This morning my friend changed his relationship on Facebook to being married. Now, I don't really think he is - perhaps it's some sort of early April Fool's prank (which is LAAAAME) - but it got me thinking about Facebook and how dangerous it would've been when I was a teenager. Thank goodness it wasn't around, because I would've gotten into so much trouble it isn't even funny. I can't even begin to imagine the drama that would've gone on. Ugh. Of course, when I in high school, there were only three major technological advances that were significant: First, the answering machine. Oh, the joy of hearing a voice message for the first time and seeing the beeping red light! I kind of miss that sometimes.Next, call waiting. Not only was I lucky enough to have my phone line in my room (due to excessive hogging of the main phone line), but I even got call waiting. How fun to be able to have the "call waiting war" to see who'd win. Of course, there wasn't Caller ID yet, so you just took your chances when you answered the phone, so switching over to the other line was like a fun surprise every time. :)
Finally, the CD player. I still remember the first time I ever drove with someone who had a CD player (IN THEIR CAR!) and showed me how they worked. I was mesmerized and loved listening to Depeche Mode with such clarity. We sat there forever just to hear the tunes. Awwww, memories. :)

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