Monday, March 12, 2012

I Wanna Be BFFs With Lana Del Rey

Yesterday I met one of the most real and genuine celebrities I've ever encountered. Now, granted, Lana Del Rey is still relatively new and starting out, but her music is amazing and she's going to be HUGE. I still can't get her mesmerizing lyics and incredible voice out of my head and I've been listening to her CD constantly for the past month. I can't get enough. In what can only be described as a cosmic chance, I had the good fortune to finally meet Lana yesterday. After the charity event, I was supposed to meet up with a friend to see if we could possibly find her (as we'd heard she was back in town), but then decided to go home instead. Since his phone died, I couldn't let him know I was leaving (and I'd promised him I'd come), so at the very last minute before getting on the freeway, I decided to drive by and let him know I was bailing. When I went to see him, there happened to be a parking spot nearby (which is unheard of in Hollywood), so I took that as a sign that I should stop for a second and see what we see. As luck would have it, not only did we see a few other celebs that we both were stoked to meet, but Lana Del Rey drove in shortly thereafter. I was literally there less than an hour. Now that's success!! I love this picture so much! I can't decide if it's better in color, in black & white, or in pink (as I was tickled pink to meet her), but I love how stoked we look. OK, I've decided. I love the pink one best.
Here's the amazing part - my friend and I had been singing along to Lana's songs on my iPhone as we waited (because we're obsessed). After Lana took a few pics with us, she didn't just run off, which she totally could have. Instead, she stood there, asked us how we knew each other, told us how great it was to meet us, and just had a great conversation.Nothing felt forced. Nothing felt like we were a bother to her. She was honestly thrilled to talk to us and made us feel like we were the only people in the world. When I told her we'd been rocking out to her song and started to play it, all three of us started singing along to it. That's right - I had a sing-along with the illuminating Lana Del Rey! I kept thinking I should be taping this because it was so amazing, but my head was exploding too much to do anything like that.
For weeks I've been reading and hearing all these stories about Lana being above-and-beyond with her fans, but I didn't realize just how incredible she was until I met her in person.
As we talked, a car was running nearby waiting for her. Finally, after a good ten minutes, she said she should probably go because it was his (the driver of the car) birthday (!). Oh, and then she said she'd email me. Maybe she wants to be BFFs, too? :) I don't know if she will, but even saying something like that was awesome!
Now, I don't know who "he" is, but I'm assuming he was her boyfriend (because he was fine), which makes the entire experience even more mind-blowing. She spent all that time with us when she clearly could've blown us off to go celebrate his birthday. Seriously, I'm still speechless and in awe of her. I wanna be BFFs with her. The energy she gives off is warm, kind, and grateful. She's stupendous and deserves every bit of success and fame heading her way. Thank you, Lana. I'm inspired by you.

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